CON-TEXT udstillingen skal vises på Kulturspinderiet, som ligger på Papirfabrikken i Silkeborg. Området – Papirfabrikken – består af en stribe bygninger, som tidligere har huset en papirfabrik (http://www.wikisilkeborg.dk/index.php5/Silkeborg_Papirfabrik) som i mange år blandt andet har produceret papir til de danske pengesedler. Nu rummer bygningerne for eksempel den lokale avis, det lokale musik- og teaterhus, et papirmuseum (http://www.papirmuseet.dk/), , flere firmaer, byens biograf, en del cafeer og så udstillingsstedet Kulturspinderiet.

Her et par billeder fra en udstilling, som Hanne og jeg satte op sammen med to kolleger i 2005.  Håber det giver et lille indtryk af lokalerne.

Det bliver spændende at indtaget stedet igen!

A few photos from a previous exhibition at Kulturspinderiet where our exhibition CON-TEXT is going to take place. These photos are from an exhition called “Åndehul” set up by Hanne and I and two of our collegues/friends in 2005.

Kulturspinderiet is one of a number of buildings which were original a paper mill (http://www.wikisilkeborg.dk/index.php5/Silkeborg_Papirfabrik) . Today the buildings house the local newspaper, a music and theater house, a museum for handmade paper (http://www.papirmuseet.dk/), several firms, a cinema and a number of cafés.

andehulsudstilling-0741  andehulsudstilling-053

andehulsudstilling-059  andehulsudstilling-096

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3 Responses to Kulturspinderiet

  1. omdahl says:

    I am considering using small needles to fasten pieces of cut-outs directly onto the wall in some of my work.Is that possible, or are all the walls of brick\sement?


  2. lisrejnertjensen says:

    It sounds very interesting, your idea, Elisabeth!

    Unfortunately, they are very strict with their walls at Kulturspinderiet. One is not allowed to use anything but the hang-up-system they have there. It is – as far as I remember – a wire system. I’ll see if I can find a photo, where you can see it in use.
    I have sometimes used something called “Tack-all” – in Danish called “elefantsnot” (reusable, removable adhesive). But you cannot alway be sure that the photo or whatever you put on the wall it is stays put. But even this tack-all is actually not allowed.
    The point is that there must be no marks in/on the walls when we leave the exhibition building after use.
    So we have to be creative – think of other ways to use the walls.
    Maybe in your case you have to think of something you can hang up on the wall using the wires … and then use this as background for your needles. Maybe a piece of cloth?
    I know it is not the same as using the wall directly, but I hope you find a solution!

  3. omdahl says:

    Thanks for the info Lis.I will find a solution.It is just important to know at this stage what the technical limitations will be.


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