Testing some ideas.




I am trying out a possible shape for an artist-book.It is triangular and  in 3D shape.The text is mostly on the inside,and one can see through from the outside.My working title is still”The popes dauhter”.(see earlier blogpost for link to info).

I am searching for text from different catholic sourses.

I am coordinating the subject with my installation, and so far i see this triangular shape as a basis for several columns that will hang on the wall,stand on the floor and hang from the roof.

This first one is a sketch, and I will test out different types of sewing,more or less visible.

As you can see from my last blogpost,I have tested out “book”.Now I will try to strech the concept to Artist-book.Away with the cover,opening up the shape and work with the content.

The suitcase rests for a while, but I have some ideas for that too.


About omdahl

Norwegian artist
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4 Responses to Testing some ideas.

  1. hanne says:

    Hi Elisabeth, great to see what you´re contemplating! I´ll look forward to follow your project and watch it unfold…

  2. omdahl says:

    Hopefully some more of us will share a little of their prossess too.

  3. Erika says:

    what a great idea! can’t wait to see the finished result!
    i am waiting with the suitcase as well, many ideas, just nothing concrete yet…

    will share some of my doings soon…

  4. omdahl says:

    Looking forward to seeing some of your ideas too!

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