ferdig (nesten)!



After many hours of both fun and frustration, I have finished my “Jacobs Ladder” book.  I decided to use bookboard as the substrate and was happy that I chose it instead of museum board as it lays perfectly.  This piece is entitled “Rain” after a Shel Silverstein poem.  Silverstein is a famous poet in the English speaking world, and his poetry always takes me back to my childhood.

Each “page” is approx. 10 x 15.  I still need to finish up the sides and some small details, but thought I would take the time to share a bit with you all now.

happy creating!


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2 Responses to ferdig (nesten)!

  1. hanne says:

    Hvor er den fin!!!

    Og så er det i det hele taget dejligt at se dig her på bloggen. Velkommen!

    P.S. Du KUNNE vel ikke overtales til også at skrive dit indlæg på norsk? Så det både er på norsk og engelsk… Jeg syntes det er vildt interessant at høre/se de forskelllige nordiske stemmer NATUREL!

  2. lisrejnertjensen says:

    Love it! Had to find the poem on the internet (as I am a poem-lover!). It drips like raindrops …

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