Todays work with the artist-book- concept escalated to be more of an installation.I had glued some fags under contact-paper on a piece of board for a book.I worked some on that,playing with titles and words and ended up with playing around much more with the sigarets themselves.Making small pyramids, a necklace and photographing that.A “slave-collar”.
Also “drawing with soot ” from a burning candle.Literally playing with fire.

Next I am thinking about making a bird-cage of the sigarets.


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Norwegian artist
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  1. hanne says:

    Hold OP – jeg misunder dig virkelig det halssmykke! Ikke som smykke – men som idé! Det er VILDT GODT!

    You crazy woman!

  2. omdahl says:


    Takk og takk!
    Setter stor pris på din oppfatning.
    Står midt oppi det og nøler ennå litt med retningen, så det er deilig med noen bekreftelser i sommerheten.VAAARMT å jobbe!

    see u


  3. Ser smukkt og avanceret ud! But is it “a slave collar” or “bar corals”? 😉 Hvis du fik det lamineret i guld kunne du sælge det for millioner…

  4. omdahl says:


    I am no slave to the bar, but have already spent millions on the collar.


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