Almost finished.

I got hold of some japanese paper the other day,and I tried it out on this book.It is called unruyushi,a thin paper with inlaid kozo( seems like silkthreads”.I glued it on top of my prints on the front cover.and, i printed the text on it for the back cover and inside flaps,blown up in my A3 printer.

I have left to stitch the flattened birdcage to the front cover.Then-finito.
So this was a strang prossess, going from book to installation and back again.

About omdahl

Norwegian artist
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4 Responses to Almost finished.

  1. erika says:

    nydelig! jeg elsker å jobbe med kozo.

    Du nevnte at du hadde en A3 skriver. Jeg skal kjøpe en også, hva type har du? Er du fornøyd med den?

  2. hanne says:

    Great triptycon! That´s also one of my favorite constructions! Look foreward to see it – for REAL!

  3. omdahl says:

    Hi, Erika.

    I am not sure if I would recommend my Canon4000ix A3 printer.It is a bit slow and prints the blacks too uneven at times.
    It is dye based with a good archivability, but not pigmentbased, which is supposed to have the best lightfastedness.
    It was half the price of a pigment printer though.That is what is tempting. kr. 2900,-at Binders

    So it is a good compromise, but not more.


  4. omdahl says:

    I wanted the construction to show, the tape used as hinges.
    But I will strenghten the tape with glued gauze on top.It will dry up almost invisible on the paper i think.

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