Homes, horror and inspiration

We keep on studying homes and houses in books. The photo shows a spread from “Light Houses – A pop-up Gallery of Americas Most Beloved Beacons”. A fine pop-up book.

Yesterday was Halloween, celebrated in number of countries, not so much here in the Iceland where ghosts and such walk about everyday. In New York there wasn’t much celebration, but real horror. Devastated homes, damaged houses. (See Photos in NYT). So many people have lost their homes, possessions… – a big part of their lives? We hope the best for NYC. Rise and shine like Daisy Lew’s pop-ups:  NY pop-up.

Halloween activities are all about fictional horror. I came pass an article on It’s Nice That about kirigami sculptures by Marc Hagan-Guirey. They are paper sculptures of houses from famous horror movies like The Shining, The Addams Family, Psycho and more. See his Horrorgami.

If you hungry for more kirigami:
Houses made of paper
Architectural Origami Inspiration

But as to end with a great piece of art, there is this beautiful book by Ólafur Elíasson: YOUR HOUSE.

Happy HOMEwork!



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writer, illustrator, graphic designer, book artist – lives and works in Iceland
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